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Until which point do women have to go to have equal rights with men?

With this performance, we want to make people understand, especially men, how women have to shape themselves to just be able to live in our societies.

I have been interested for a long time in the sacralisation of women’s hair in our cultures, societies, and religions. Indeed, in many cultures, hair represents privacy and sexuality. For this reason, some married women have to keep their hair back because hair is considered as a way to seduce men. Some widows have to even shave their heads after the death of their husband because they have no reason to be attractive anymore.  

In most religions, women have to hide their hair in order to not attract men’s attention. For me, this sentence is an excuse for legitimate rape.

Why don’t we ask men to control their sexual urges instead of asking women to hide themselves?  If we flatten our chest, if we shave our hair to look like a man, will we be able to live a serene life? Will we stop to worry about daily harassment ?

Performance of Margaux Aubin with Pinar Derin Gençer - Istiklal, Istanbul (Turkey) - 2015

©Hervé Pocher - 2015

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