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Artistic Resistance

I spread my shitty ideas with a toilet brush bought 1€, charged 297€*, considered by some as dangerous weapons**, by others as a sign of resistance. I denounce with irony the german economic model or the ideal of the french demagogic politicians. A factory of social misery disguised by attractive statistics. 

*The Elbphilharmonie Hamburg commissioned by the city-state in 2007 to 77 million was due to open in 2010. In 2012, the Senate of Hamburg has signed a new contrat after construction work for 575 million euros. The concert hall is expected to open in 2017 at a total cost of 789 million euros. An inquiry conducted by the authorities requested the accounts of the work. Among the figues, the toilet brushes were charged €297 unit.


**In January 2014, the city of Hamburg has conducted intensive police checks at nearly 800 activists. They seized firecrackers and explosives (memories of the festivities of January 1st) and a toilet brush presented during the information channel ARD as dangerous weapons. The toilet brush has become a symbol brandished during a demonstration against police violence. 

Projecktraum Ventilator 24 - Berlin, Germany - 2016

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